The renovation of the premises in the Etu-Töölö district of Helsinki entailed the conversion of two former office spaces back to residential use, as well as the architectural design of the apartments. The premises are to be converted into two larger and two smaller apartments. One will be used by the customer, and the other three will be put up for sale.

The apartment that the customer will occupy has been designed in painstaking detail, and were inspired by both the customer’s own preferences and the sophisticated interplay of architectural styles in Etu-Töölö, including Classicism and Functionalism.

Although the apartment largely follows a restrained Modernist style, the decorative themes and even ornamentation of Classicism have also been included. In other words, the designers managed to keep the overall style closely integrated into the architecture of the house, as well as remaining in harmony with the distinctive atmosphere of the area.

The rooms are decorated with elegant ornaments and frame motifs. There are also several nuances of historicism, especially in the bathroom spaces of the apartment, where the variation in tile types creates a timeless and appealing combination of materials. The sophistication of the overall apartment is further heightened by the natural stone tiles and their vibrant surfaces.

Due to the extensive planning that the renovations required, obtaining a building permit was itself a long process. However, the project is now entering the construction phase. Although the result is not yet visible, the plans and virtual images give a clear indication of the spatial functionality and visual clarity of the apartments. Despite the division of the original premises, the apartments will become harmonious dwellings that will offer magnificent views of Töölönlahti Bay and the ever-changing skyline of eastern Helsinki.