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Explore our collections showcasing meticulously designed and crafted furniture, spanning a diverse range from case pieces to upholstered seating. Each individual piece of furniture is designed, not only to complement others within its respective collection, but also to harmonize seamlessly across different collections. This versatile compatibility enables endless possibilities and facilitates unique and aesthetically consistent arrangements, be it in intimate personal settings or expansive public spaces.

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The Paletto Collection

A robust side table with delicacy at heart

Emphasizing a subtle balance between strength and delicacy, the Paletto Side Tables robust shape and structure create a striking contrast with the fragility of glass.

The Bastone Collection

Artful Storage

Positioned at the crossroads of art and design, the Bastone collection delves into the designer’s dual fascination – exploring the interplay between light and shadow, while also embracing a genuinely functional form of craftsmanship.

The Evolo Collection

An adjustable desk that can take the center stage

The Evolo adjustable desk truly combines form and function, providing not only an ergonomic solution but also an exceptional aesthetic experience. Its spacious work surface and smooth operation makes it easy to optimise your productivity and wellbeing.

The Aqueduct Collection

Inspiration from the past meets Nordic influences

The Aqueduct Collection’s softly rounded sofas are for larger living and reception rooms that drew inspiration from the ancient Rome and embrace the contemporary influences of Nordic design.

The Unio Collection

Studies in Shape and Texture

The Unio Collection, an easy chair and two sofas, was born out of our interest in studying the relationship between wood and soft furniture.

The Poeme Collection

Shelf Poetry

Graceful and poetic, yet robust, the Poeme Shelf comes in four different sizes, offering a flexible solution for diverse display and storage needs, including, for example, as a bookshelf, a TV stand or simply a frame for beautiful objects.

The Lavitta Collection

Rugged Sophistication

Novel interpretations of countryside classics that create a fascinating tension between a rugged and rational practicality, which sits right alongside an unexpected tactile sophistication and visual appeal.

The Fiori Collection

Tables + Flowers

The Fiori Coffee Table Collection is an exclusive realization of craftsmanship and artistry designed by Poiat Studio in collaboration with the designer and master cabinet maker Antrei Hartikainen.