Poiat is a Helsinki-based, multi-disciplinary design studio focusing on interior architecture and furniture. Our design services include interiors, single-family houses, furniture, and lighting fixtures.

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Interior Architecture

The spatial design process of Poiat consists of three simple elements that relate to each layer of time.

The starting point is in understanding the true characteristics of the space and its context – the history of the building or site, the surroundings and architectural era of the neighbourhood, and also sentimental aspects arising from memories.

The discussions with a client continues the work and brings an opportunity to listen and observe the client wishes and needs. The right solution comes from finding the balance between competing interests and aspirations, and setting them a priority.

Beyond these two elements, there is the final step of creative work deriving from the knowledge, ability and experience that connects the work to the present. Together these elements create a signature that characterizes the style of a space created by Poiat.

More information:
Interior Architecture | Antti Rouhunkoski | +358503383259

Furniture and Product Design

Furniture design has been at the heart of Poiat since the foundation of the architecture office in 2010. For a company based on a profound understanding of spatial design, spaces and furniture have naturally evolved to complement each other.

Poiat’s design aims to create a certain ambience for the user while at the same time remaining discreet and functional, whether in a private or public space. The furniture is not a separate object, but a part of a carefully considered whole.

All furniture is designed by the Poiat in-house design team led by Timo Mikkonen and Antti Rouhunkoski. The designer and master cabinet maker Antrei Hartikainen joined the team in 2021, bringing in an exceptional understanding of craftsmanship and wood.

More information:
Furniture Design | Timo Mikkonen | +358443071406