to Beautiful Form

Antti Rouhunkoski and Timo Mikkonen

Timo Mikkonen (b. 1979) and Antti Rouhunkoski’s (b. 1978) paths crossed when they studied at the University of Arts Helsinki. They started doing spatial design projects together and noticed that collaboration went seems to go very well. This kindled the idea of maybe wanting to create their own company one day and Poiat Studio was co-founded in 2010 after the graduation and a period of work in other interior architecture offices.

Timo Mikkonen leads Poiat’s furniture design operations and Antti Rouhunkoski heads its interior architecture and design commissions.

Antrei Hartikainen

Antrei Hartikainen (b. 1991) is a master cabinet maker and designer from Finland known for his exquisite works in wood. The award-winning pieces, including functional products and pure art works, achieve heights of sensuality, elegance and craftsmanship. These important factors are emphasized in Antrei Hartikainen’s work, which constantly seeks to challenge and blur the traditional categorizations between functional objects and visual arts. Hartikainen’s sculptural approach can be studied through his organic body of work, which simultaneously highlights the inspiration drawn from his material of choice, wood.