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Paletto Side Table

Poiat | Studio | 2023


The Paletto Side Table by Poiat Furniture is a great accompaniment to larger pieces of furniture like sofas and armchairs, serving a functional role by providing a convenient surface to place items. Its pure geometric shape, complemented by a rugged surface texture, is distinctive yet understated, making it a sophisticated addition that does not overshadow other elements in the room.

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The design of the Paletto side table by Poiat | Furniture emphasizes a subtle balance between strength and delicacy. The core perspective of Poiat founders, Timo Mikkonen and Antti Rouhunkoski, in designing the Paletto side tables was the desire to enrich the Poiat furniture collection with a new material. In addition to the wood and textiles of the current collection, glass was chosen, whose rugged texture lends softness to the table's cubist structure.

The choice of glass as the material was also strongly influenced by the fact that a childhood friend of Timo Mikkonen from the town of Kuopio owned a glass workshop where the tables are made. Each Paletto table is carefully handmade in small batches, and each is individually numbered. The glass plates of the table are melted into molds to achieve the desired shape, and the craftsmanship is particularly evident in the lively surface structure, which is achieved by manually brushing the surface of the mold.

The inspiration for the table's shape was found on construction sites, from the relationship between delicate glass and sturdy building columns. The columns' robust shape and structure create a striking contrast with the fragility of the glass. As light filters through the table's glass skeleton, it also reveals its stable and firm grip on its base.

Production Time: 10—12 Weeks
Place of Production: Kuopio, Finland

Wipe clean using a well wrung soft cloth and clean warm water. Never use detergents, chemical cleaning products or harsh abrasives.