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Bastone Drinks Trolley

Antrei Hartikainen | 2018–2023


The Petit Bastone Sideboard designed by Antrei Hartikainen is also available as a drinks trolley. The partly open, partly covered exterior of the Bastone is a perfect match for a collection of fine spirits and glassware. The drinks trolley easily takes its place close to guests or specific areas where drinks are served, without compromising the aesthetic appeal of the room.

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Designed by the award-winning master cabinet maker and designer Antrei Hartikainen for Poiat Furniture, the Bastone Collection showcases Hartikainen’s interest in studying light and shadow and his appreciation of craftsmanship. The Bastone Cabinet takes its name from the Italian word ‘Bastone’, meaning a wooden stick that refers to the wooden dowel rods that are integral to the sideboard's structure. All of the pieces in the Bastone Collection are available with or without doors and in colours of Oak and Stained Black.

The Bastone Collection sideboards and cabinets are manufactured from solid oak in Finland and come in two colour variations, Oak and Black.

Production Time: 8—12 Weeks
Place of Production: Padasjoki, Finland

Worldwide shipping available by a quote. Shipping rates vary by the destination and the level of requested service.

Wipe clean using a well wrung soft cloth and clean warm water. Never use detergents, chemical cleaning products or harsh abrasives.

The Bastone Collection

Weight 71 kg
Dimensions 53 × 120 × 160 cm