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Lavitta Chair

Poiat Studio, 2014


The Lavitta Chair is a modern classic that focuses on the union of traditional wooden furniture with contemporary design. Designed by Timo Mikkonen and Antti Rouhunkoski of Poiat Studio in 2014 as the first product for Poiat Furniture, the novel interpretation of the countryside classics creates a fascinating contradiction where rational practicality merges with a sophisticated tactile and visual appeal.

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Drawing its influence from the traditional rugged Finnish outdoor furniture, the award-winning Lavitta Collection was designed by Poiat Studio as their first furniture collection for Poiat Furniture.

Manufactured in Finland and Estonia, the members of the Lavitta product family are chairs, dining tables, benches and stools. The chairs are made of two pieces of moulded plywood and designed to slot into each other for temporary storage. Lavitta Chairs can be tailored to different spaces with a variety of upholsteries and custom features such as row connectors.


Production Time: 8—10 Weeks
Place of Production: Tartu, Estonia
Worldwide shipping available by a quote. Shipping rates vary by the destination and the level of requested service.

The Lavitta Chairs are manufactured from oak veneered form-pressed plywood in Estonia and come in three colour variations, Oak, Dark Oak and Black Oak.

Wipe clean using a well wrung soft cloth and clean warm water. Never use detergents, chemical cleaning products or harsh abrasives.

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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 51.5 × 53.5 × 81 cm