Turo Stores


Turo Stores


Turo, the finnish men’s clothing brand, wanted to bring in a touch of sophistication and ambience of the traditional tailoring shops to its identity. After an extensive rebranding process, the visual appearance of Turo’s retail concept also got the inspiration from its long history and important role in Finnish design and fashion. The collaboration with Poiat Studio began in 2014 and since then the interior architecture has remained the responsibility of Poiat Studio, even down to the selection of decorative items.

The first premises under the new brand were a Turo store opened at Keskuskatu and its showroom in Sörnäinen in Helsinki. The Turo’s main shop-in-shops at the Stockmann and Sokos department stores, among others, were also updated according to the new concept. Latest openings have been the new Turo stores at the Iso Omena shopping centre in Espoo and a new flagship store at the Tripla shopping centre in Helsinki.

The grey stone surfacing of the floors found their match in the fabric-surfaces of the doors, with black details giving structure to the oak furniture frames. The blue carpets, velvet curtains and lamps with a 1950s feel brought softness and warmth to the premises as a whole.

The functional idea in designing the stores was well complemented by the active role of customer service, which helped to create a calm look in the premises by the addition of concealed cabinets for clothing not on display. The rounded contour of the cashier desk was also intended to promote interaction by inviting the customer closer and making the space more equal.