The Bastone case piece collection, which consists of a cabinet and a sideboard, is designed by the master cabinet maker and designer Antrei Hartikainen for Poiat studio. Somewhere on the boundary of art and design, the collection showcases the designer’s interest in studying light and shadow as well as the appreciation of functional craftsmanship in his works.

The concept of Bastone collection derives from the dilemma between ornament and structure – the wooden dowel rods are an integral part of the structure but evidently they also create an ornamental effect to the exterior without being additionally applied. All this is achieved by utilizing round geometric shapes in the components, which alone have their own finesse and right proportions, yet become more important as parts of a whole.

The exteriors of both the cabinet and the sideboard are partly open, partly covered by long and narrow wooden dowel rods. As light enters through the openings, the interior is revealed but also at the same time remains slightly concealed. The symmetric form enables the Bastone to retain its aesthetic look no matter which angle one looks at and making an open space the most natural setting for it.

“When people meet for the first time, the outer layers of personality are revealed first and the core eventually by time. In these furniture, this layered uncovering is being depicted by the partly open structure that enables the filtering of light and reflections of shades.” Antrei tells.